Thursday, January 3, 2013

Personalized Puzzles

 Nearly 12 years ago I created my first personalized puzzle.  It was a collage of my sweetheart's and my memories and interests.  Looking at this puzzle gives us a lot to look back on and stories to tell.  When it was given to him as a gift, it was also a great opportunity to have some quality time together.
Since then a few more puzzles have been made....

My hubby's puzzle was more work than anticipated- the following puzzles were much easier. At the time I (with the help of my parents) put together a VERY HARD store bought puzzle. Then I flipped it over and painted a base coat. After painting the border, I found clip art images. Carbon paper was a must for this, for I traced the collage on the border. Then came the tedious painting of the details. And finally shading and a quote. Breaking the painted pieces apart was time consuming. But then it was boxed and delivered, just to be put together again. SURPRISINGLY, the homemade graphics are very easy find matches, and relatively did not take too long to finish.
Years later I made this for my cousin and her new husband. The lyrics were from their first dance at their wedding. I was lucky to have found already made puzzles with hideous pictures on them at the dollar store. I had to stock up.

A couple of years ago I was asked to make one for a little girl as a birthday gift.  Since then I have assisted in others who wanted to make one, and some family members have ventured to make some on their own.  Really time is the hardest part in completing these; anyone can do it if they really want to.  I can't wait until my kiddos are at a good age, so that we can put one together as a family.

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