Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY Critters

Pretty sure I have a toy problem.  I love making homemade toys for my kiddos.  This is one I started this year for Miss.-3yr-old.  Never completely completed it, so putting back on my to-make-list. 
Miss.-3yr.-old loves little things.  She also is a stuffed animal nut.  So when I saw matildebeldroega's etsy shop I knew that my night would be filled with creating.  Mr. Mouse, rabbit, and cardinal (not pictured) was all I got done in one night.  Plus mouse's house.  The best part is all from scraps and really you can't go wrong (whatever you do is what it is suppose to look like!). 
Now I want to make cardinal a deco birdcage and rabbit a garden house.  Also dreaming of some new characters. 

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