Saturday, December 29, 2012

Halloween "extras"

I know, I know... a little late with the Halloween post, but these seemed to slide by me.  Miss.-3yr-old had a lot going on besides the actual holiday.  At preschool it was ORANGE DAY, so I threw together this pillow case dress.  Inspired by dainteedesigns.  Super easy for the novice.  Pillow case patters are everywhere online for free.
 Grandma did her hair one day in a 'spooky' fashion.  Thanks to princesspiggies
 The kiddos woke to an infestation on the fridge.  Who know there was a use for those plastic spider rings instead of immediate garbage.  Spider magnets were made after seeing it on deliacreates blog.
 Miss.-3yr.-old brought treats to her preschool Halloween party.  The fruit cups were found at pimpmydinner.  The free printable topper was designed by anythingbutperfect which is transitioning to its new page, hellocuteness.

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