Wednesday, September 5, 2012

snap beads

I am picky on what toys and t.v. shows that come into our house.  I like toys that are homemade or durable, educational/interacting, and "different". 
B. is a toy company has my approval.  Target sales this brand and we have several of their items and have given many as gifts.
 Miss.-3yr.-old is OBSESSED with her pop-arty beads, known in our house as SNAP BEADS.  She got them for her birthday and after 2 months of non-stop play, she is not tired of them.  They are played with several times a day, every day, for lengths of time.  Infact, most days I have to tell her "that's enough!"
She has shared these with several other kiddos and they all seem to be captivated by them.  I am not sure if it is the colors, shapes, textures, or size, but they are a hit.
Snap beads are $17.99 at Target
All of B.'s toys have a unique feel to them.  They have a brilliant color scheme like no other and very creative patterns.  Even their packaging is almost too pretty to get rid of.  The company is eco friendly.

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