Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Amazing kitchen idea

Normally I share craft projects or kiddo activities, but I feel obligated to share this kitchen tip that is fabulous! 
Although we are a family of four, we still cook for two adults (the kiddos eat, but not enough to increase quantities).  That being said, I don't like to waste food and often I decrease the amount of ground beef in a recipe for a smaller meal.  A froze pound of meat is not divisible, UNTIL NOW!
I like to buy ground beef in 3lb packages. suggests putting the meat in a Ziploc bag and pressing a skewer into it to make an indented grid.  After the meat if frozen you can easily snap off the amount of meat that you need for the dinner. 
This 3lbs of meat is divided into 12 pieces.  So each rectangle is about 1/4lb.
Also the pieces defrosted much quicker than one large piece!
And I like how after it is frozen the packaging is slender and can slip vertical or horizontal between frozen food boxes.  Or you can fold it up and fit it in the only gap left.

I did find that because 3lbs is thicker, it is initially harder to start breaking off pieces.  It is MUCH EASIER to break the pieces of 1lb of ground beef in a sandwich bag.
I have just started exploring and I am very impressed.  Great ideas!

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