Saturday, April 14, 2012


How do these super-mom-bloggers do it?  I go a month between blogs even though we do amazing things daily.  I just can't find time to share!  Before I go to bed I would like to share our April Fools pranks that we did.

I grew up with harmless April Fools pranks.  We always pulled one on our teachers.  Now I love doing it to my husband.  This year I might have gone a little overboard.  I pushed the "harmless" limits by telling little-white-lies (which is not in my character, but it was worth it at the end).

    Miss.-2yr-old is in love with Disney's new show, Doc. McStuffins (I AM TOO!).  We have been playing doctor a lot lately and I have been adding to our center.  I found a great pattern to make pretend casts for dolls at, and I thought it would make a great addition to our play if I made them in child size.  I was pretty impressed on how real like they looked.  I took this picture and realized that tomorrow would be April 1st.  So the plan was forming. 
    My mother and father in law were at the cabin for the weekend.  We emailed the picture (which is even more convicing on a small cell phone screen) with the message that we spent the day in ER and that Miss.-2yr-old is no longer able to play in the front rock.  Grandma called and said that they would swing in on the way home to sign the cast. 

    When they arrived Miss.-2yr-old had the cast on and yelled, "APRIL FOOLS!"  Grandma said, "yes today is April Fools, now how did you break your arm?".  Even after Miss.-2yr-old repeated herself a couple times grandma still didn't make the connection.  She felt foolish when my husband spilled the beans.

The rest of our pranks were less coniving and all fun.  My husband always makes weekend breakfasts. so we surprised him with faces on the eggs.  These are the ones that weren't sacraficed for breakfast. 

We also painted clear nail polish all over my husbands bar soap.  He thought that the water softner wasn't working and that is why his soap wouldn't lather (ha ha!).  Also Miss.-2yr-old put a plastic spider on daddy's beverage with a zot and put it back into the case.  My husband actually thought it was real and almost dropped the can (the simplest sometimes is the best surprise). 

Fun day.  I need to keep on my toes in years to come.  I am sure payback will catch up with me :)

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  1. Hey, popping over from thenshemade - can I just say, that is the most AWESOME prank ever! I can't believe how real it looks. I'm going to have to remember this for next year. - Amy