Sunday, March 25, 2012

St. Patrick's Day (or as Miss.-2-year-old called it "Patch Day")

Our family has a smudge of Irish in us, but we still have the spirit.  In the past, I would honor the day with an ensemble of green, a shamrock pin and festive socks.  Now that I get to share my enthusiasm with a toddler... it was on this year.  We kept it minimal.  Miss.-2-year-old did a great job on this rainbow art.  I was very surprised on how little help she needed.  I had a tray full of items, which she sorted by color herself.  Then I started by making the glue arc for the red band of the rainbow.  I made it about 3/4 inch wide and very thick of glue.  She put all of the "pretties" on without any help, and I would repeat with the next band.  This continued until it was perfect.  I thought she would have lost interest at some point, but she kept trucking along.  After it dried some pieces fell off, but I just attached with some glue. 

What kinds of things did we use?  Buttons, sequences, paperclips, pompoms, scrunched tissue paper squares, flowers, bows, and beads

I didn't have any St. Patty decorations, nor did I want to spend any money.  I have an extensive craft and scrapbook collection, so I went to work.  These buntings are made of scrapbook paper is my "scrap box".  The shamrocks that I cut out from the banners were then stapled to make a small bunting over my sink.  Simple, but cute. 
The sun catcher shamrocks is tissue paper between 2 pieces of clear contact paper.  This is so much easier than using glue or decoupage.

We shared a serving of Lucky Charm's Cereal with our family and the daycare kids.  The topper printable were found at  I then stapled on felt shamrocks (source traces back to  Miss.-2-year-old wanted to eat them all!

This picture found on site

We did green pepper stamping to make shamrocks, I will try to remember to post a picture later.  Otherwise I am behind 13 posts, and will try to be better to blog on a regular basis.

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