Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthday Center

I am a big fan of imaginary play.  I encourage my kiddos to play and learn through dramatic play centers.  Recently I finished our birthday center.  I figured Miss.-2yr-old talks daily about her birthday, her friends, cousins, brother, grandparents, parents, etc so now we can celebrate in the pretend way.
We started with filling out some old invitations in a generic way. 
Occasion: My Bithday Party. 
Date: Today. 
Time: Now. 
Place: Here
Then it was time to decorate.  Ribbon was hung from 3M Command Hooks.  Miss.-2yr-old was able to choose the colors for the birthday banner.  I had a pile of felt triangles cut out.  She then cliped them to the ribbon with clothes pins.  (Good pattern practice)
We set out all of our sweets from our food bin.  Wooden birthday cake made by Melissa and Doug, cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, and doughnuts.  You know all musts for a birthday or a sugar high. Birthday Club Promotion
We "wrapped" toys from our play room in prewrapped boxes and a gift bag.  We also included blank cards.

Pin the tail on the donkey and a clothes pin drop game were ready for play.  The donkey and tails were attached to magnets and used on our steel door.

Now that everything was set up we were ready to play.  We determined who's birthday we wanted to celebrate.  We handed out invitations to eachother. Then it was time for games, singing, cake and goodies, and opening up gifts.  We did it over, and over, and over agian for everyone we knew.

It is nice that when we are done everything can be packed up in the gift boxes/bag, ready for next time we want to play.

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