Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What to do with the Kiddos Valentine's???

At our house the candy gets removed and eaten from all of the friend's Valentine cards, but then what?  I would like for my kids to enjoy them for a little while. When I was a child I would tape all of my classmates Valentines to the back of my bedroom door (as an adult I will not tolerate that in my house.)  So, for the last week I allowed the refrigerator door to be covered in the cartoon and heart chaos (and if you know me, rarely does even my kiddos drawing make the fridge- BIG HONOR). 

So when last week passed, I feverishly tore them off, and my daughter gave me a look like 'I dare you to throw my treasures away'.  My cover was to make a sticker book with her and turn her favorites into stickers.  FUN!

The book was a sinch.  I took 8 pages, folded them in half, and sewed a strait stich down the seam with sewing machine.

Miss. 2 year old chose her favorite Valentines, we cut out the characters and put them through our large Xyron machine (scored for $5 at a garage sale last year!) 

I also had her color on a paper, I cut around her scribbles and turned them into stickers as well.

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