Friday, February 17, 2012

My hungry caterpillar's 1st Birthday Party

This is our dinning room art wall.  For this occasion I filled it with prints off the internet of The Hungry Caterpillar illustrations.  This entire wall costed me $12 + paint I had on hand.  I found each frame/mirror at the thrift store (I made sure each UGLY picture that was included had a mat around it).  Then I took them apart, painted each frame black, painted each mat white, put back together MINUS the ugly picture and the backing.  Because the backing is removed it takes only a second to swich out my kiddos art for new. 


My mom upcylced my son's outfit by cutting out an applica of the caterpillar that was on one of his 3 month sleepers.  We added the cupcake with candle.  For my daughter's dress, I just sewed a bunch of buttons to make the caterpillar.  By the way both shirts, overalls, and upcycled sleeper were garage sale finds (only 50 cents apiece)

Found this idea from submitted by Jill A. of Westford, MA.  The background is a large thrift store frame.  Cleaned up and added illustrations from the story.  The cake is made from a bundt form, cut into thirds.  The apple is my baby's smash cake.  It is a cupcake.

The menu was right from the book

I have always wanted a banner that we can use for everyone's birthday.  This was a no sew one made from felt.  (I am a huge felt fan!) It took awaile to cut and sew buttons on the tabs, but I think we will keep if for years to come.

I got the jar invitaion idea from, I put the caterpillar on top, made adorable leaf invitations, added fake grass and a paper twig.  But I really LOVED these placemats that my 2 year old made.  I gave her stacks of circle lable stickers (why do I have so many of these?)  It kept her busy for days.  After I laminated them they were perfect.

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