Sunday, February 19, 2012

St. Valentine's Day

I thought I would share our St. Valentine's Day.  My hubby and I really don't do the romantic date, we would rather make it special with the kids.  Miss 2 year old and I spent last week making our decorations.  We were planning on having the neighbors over for a candlelight spaghetti dinner with a ice cream sundae bar for dessert.  Unfortunatly Mr. 1 year old got pretty sick, so we canceled with the neighbors and just spent it as our family.

 The garland was my favorite.  I was inspired by something I seen somewhere on the Internet, but unable to find the source.  Last week at the thrift store I found old postcards from the 1910's.  There were hundreds of them, I loved the floral graphics, but fell in love with the fancy writing on the back and the neat stories they told.  For 10 cents apiece I had to get a handful.  I used clothespins to alternate our layered hearts with these vintage treasures.

P.S. Grandma made the felt envelopes on the back of the chairs.  They have their names embroidered on the heart.  This idea was found at, she bought at pottery barn kids.  Very sweet!

Our art wall has changed yet again.  We just used wrapping paper in the large frame.  The crayon art is all over the Internet and a couple weeks ago we had "C" week at our house.  We spent a whole day on "C"rayons.  I think it turned out OK, but it is 'stringy' (I think it is all I can ask for with Miss. 2 year old as my assistant).  I really like the doily hearts.  Super easy for Miss. 2 year old.  I just go two different colors/sizes at the dollar store.  I had her paste and layer the white followed by the red.

Daddy came home with a single rose for Miss. 2 year old, and 11 roses for me.  HUH?!?  

I know everyone is posting these Valentine card ideas, but I feel like I need to include my cutie's Valentines.

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