Friday, February 17, 2012


Okay, so my husband says, "you don't have time for a blog, I need clean underwear," he might be right (but I would never let him know that!)  I am a stay at home mom who previously taught elementary.  Now I dedicate my day to teaching and exploring with my kids (daughter 2 1/2 and son 1 year TODAY!)  I make sure we do atleast one thing everyday that my kiddos say, "wow that was fun."

I send my "free time" creating.  I love crafts, especially ones for my kids or ones that I can share as gifts. 

I am really new to the world of blogging.  I am learning the "rules" and proper etiquette, so please educate me if I ever do a no-no.  The reason I am here is because I recently started following a few blogs.  These women are amazing.  They seem to be the perfect mom, trendy, creative, and great bloggers.  They inspire me to be just as amazing.

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