Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Fools Day!

Okay, so is April Fool's Day really a holiday??? Nevertheless, I CELEBRATE IT!  I love the opportunities to be clever and surprise someone.  To me it makes some one's day a little more special.  So what did I do????  hehehe...

It all started at 11:00PM March 31st.  Hubby was sound asleep (luckily he is a log).  I peeked his toes out from the end of the bed and painted them HOT PINK!  Not the neatest job in the dark, but the statement was loud and clear.  (I made sure I had old sheets on the bed... he didn't smear anything on them, but I didn't want to chance it).

Well, he went through his morning shower without noticing, finally he got his shocker when he put his socks on.  He was just thankful that I didn't do his fingernails (I am not that cruel).

I tried to get a picture of them before he made me remove the color, but he was not wanting a photo op.  I appologize for all of you viewers who take offense to feet.  I personally have no issue with them and do not find this photo offensive.

Well the fun continued into breakfast.  My kiddos had BLUE MILK for breakfast. 

Ms.-3yr-old was really wanting to participate so she brought mayhem to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Her idea of a trick was to wear GIANT glasses.  Everyone got a kick on how cute she looked.

I equipped her with a plastic fly.  When Grandma gave her breakfast, Ms.-3yr-old slipped the fly in her milk.  Grandma thought she was making up that there was a "bug" in her milk.  Grandmas was surprised to see one really floating.

At work I had to do my usual School trick.  I played this on my teachers every year of elementary school.  Now I do it to my students and colleagues.  I clip a wire length from a wire clothes hanger (about 8 inches)  Bend the ends into a loop.  Then I take a large button and string a rubber band through 2 holes.  The rubberband is attached to the wire loops.  I turn the button many many many times to wind it up.  It is placed in an enveleope.  When it is opened, it rattles and makes a loud noise.  To someone who is not expecting it, it is startling.  Often it brings a jump or a scream.  I will add a picture tomorrow.

Fun day!  Now I should watch my back.  Someday someone will pay me back!

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