Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Garden PART 2

Here is an UPDATE!!! Still not finished, but the veggies and fruit are starting to "grow". My mom finished two plants and part of the vegetables (still more to come).

 I love the weeds (aka extra foliage from a past silk floral craft).
My big bummer is that the gaps between the pool noodles does not allow the potatoes to be under ground, but I will get over it. 
Check out PART 1, an earlier post, for how-to's.


  1. How did you make this garden? Was it a pattern you found or did you make it yourself? Sorry, so many questions, but this is so cute. I wish I could sew!

    Thanks for sharing
    Preschool For Rookies

    1. This is a NO SEW PROJECT, expect for the veggies (but you can use store bought, ACTUALLY this is the perfect time of year to buy "Easter" carrots!)

      The hardest part is to find a box that fits pool noodles cut in 1/2. Remember to look at dollar stores, and watch the diameter of the noodle (I like the wider size). For the box, I just I found one much taller and cut it down to only 6 or so inches tall. Then I covered the box in burlap and hot glued it in place. Each noodles was wrapped in brown flannel and hot glued closed then the seam side was hot glued to the bottom of the box. I cut up green "grass" flannel and hot glued it into the gap at the ends of the pool noodles.

      It has lasted 2 years so far and still looks as good a new. I rotate my toys so that it is not out all them time, but it stills gets used enough and holds up well.

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  3. Quick suggestion... if your makibg this use pool noodles on some and batting on others then the potatoes should be able to go under ground in those areas.