Monday, January 28, 2013

Indoor snowball fight!

Last weekend I got a night to myself.  Kiddos were at grandpa and grandma's house and hubby was on a fishing weekend. 

Aaaaahhhhh... I can do anything I would like... SO I SPENT THE ENTIRE NIGHT SEWING SNOWBALLS.  This was a project that was on my list last year after I pinned "Snowball Fight in a Bucket" from personalcreations.  The fabric was purchased then, but Spring came before the project got started. 

I got a rough idea on how to make a "ball" form by googling patterns.  Although I did not find a pattern, the consensus was to imitate the sections of a beach ball.  Six petal shapes would form a ball.  The nice thing about this fabric was it was "chunky" and did not need to be perfect.

I was worn out at ball number 18, and decided that I had plenty.

Later, when the family was together playing, I snuck away to get set-up.  I threw 3 balls and a paper airplane with a message down to the family.  It read..'SNOWBALL FIGHT! You are armed, Come find me.'  When they went looking I ambushed them with my pile of snowballs.

I was ganged-up on.  Snowballs were everywhere.  We couldn't find all of them right away, and still misplaced one. 

The kiddos have had several more Snowball fights this week, and I am sure these will be used many more times in years to come.   

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