Friday, June 29, 2012

Fourth of July

Once again our Dining Room has a celebration make-over for the week.  Our ART WALL is still a work in progress, but the star stamps and pom pom flag give the room as sense of patriotism. 

Our patio door also got its usual temporary glam AKA a banner. has a great tutorial on this beautiful and best of all FREE paint sample "STARS & STRIPES" banner.  Love it!  The Firecrackers are scraps of scrapbook paper around a toilet paper tube.  They "frame" the paint sample banner.   The picture that I took the idea from had a broken link, let me know if anyone can send me to its original source. 

Update:  We are getting close with our patriotic wall art.  I have hundreds of paint sticks at home (thank you Sherwin Williams) so when I can use some to make a free project I don't pass it up.  Miss.-3yr-old did the red and blue painting on this project (blue is Popsicle sticks).  The white are unpainted sticks. Courtesy of my dad, holes were drilled in each end, and I tread them together with twine.  Hard to believe Miss.-3yr-old can take so much credit for it!

One more art project to go!

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