Saturday, June 2, 2012

Love Collage

Our family is beginning to accumulate young children, which has not made a "cousin" photo shoot successful.  For Mother's Day we did a photo shoot of individual BUT SIMILAR photos and put them together into a collage frame.  The outcome couldn't be better.  

Please excuse the chopped in half 'E', I have a better cut but misplaced it for the time being.

So how did we get the awesome letters?  Well I was tempted to buy the giant paper mache letters at the craft store, but they are $10 a piece, so I got crafty.
The dollar store has foam board.  I drew out 2 letters on each board.  Cut with a utility knife.  And painted the heart red.

When it came to the photos, for the little ones it took MANY shots.  It also took some clear tape so the letters could withstand the abuse.  I knew the tape wouldn't matter once I put the pics in black and white.  The editing of the red heart was done by my sister-in-law in Photoshop, however if you don't have Photoshop then use the free download photo editing program called GIMP.

I couldn't have been happier!

The frame is $5 at Walmart (my Walmart stocks them, the neighboring one does not)

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