Thursday, May 31, 2012

glow bath

I didn't know it was possible, but made Miss.-2yr-old love bath time even more!  She asks for this special treat nightly.  I buy containers of glow sticks in the dollar section of many stores.  Usually there are about 20 in a container.  At bath time Miss.-2yr-old "breaks or activate" the sticks (DO NOT BREAK OPEN SO THAT LIQUID GOES INTO BATH).  We turn off the lights and play!  It is a really fun effect. 

Then what do we do with the glow sticks... it would be a waste to only use them for a 1/2 hour then toss.  Well....

There are possibly 3 options:
1. put in freezer and use in next bath.  They keep for several days if in the freezer (may lose a little of the vibrancy)
2.  Blow up balloons, put in and tie.  The entire family has fun hitting these glowing balloons (even dad).  I was surprised on how much fun I was having as well.
3.  I haven't tried this yet, but very soon.  Break one open... yes the liquid out... but not handled by children, and put into blowing bubbles.  Go outside at night and blow.  They might???? glow.  I will let you know when we try it!  UPDATE!!!! I still haven't tried however readers have commmented that it does not work :(  Let me know if anyone has any idea on how to improve the theory!


  1. We just tried the "glow in the dark bubbles". Doesn't work. :(

  2. just tried glow bubbles, unfortunately i got my little one super excited for nothing :( doesnt work

  3. I got the idea to empty a few glow sticks into some orbeez, that didnt work either. =(