Monday, June 10, 2013

Minnie Bow-tique party

We now have a Miss.-FOURyr-old in our house.  And we celebrated it in style with a Minnie BOW-tique party.  Mom decided on the classic red with white polka-dot scheme. 
The highlight of the festivities was our make-up.  Most of the girls have never worn make-up so this was a real treat.  Everyone got Minnie ears, they picked out 3 different bows, they got their own tube of lipstick and eye shadow applicator along with their very own mirror stand ($1 store hand mirrors hot glued and tied to a $1 paper towel stand).
I made the Minnie ear headbands from a headband (6 for $1 at Family Dollar *nice one too*!) black felt, cardstock and hot glue gun.  For a great tutorial see thesuburbanmom.  The kiddos used clipped one of the three bows that they chose for their headbands. 
The dollar store had red and white polka-dot party hats, paper straws, napkins, favor boxes, balloons.  I couldn't have been luckier!

Some of the girls were more experienced than others with make-up.  Infact I think some of them were applying war paint. 

The cake/cupcakes turned out spectacular.  I now can say that I have tackled fondant, and it really wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.  The bows on the cupcakes are fruit by the foot.  The kids LOVED them!
I have a recent "thing" for doilies.  They look so cute tied around a hot dog.

Happy Birthday Miss.-4yr-old!

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  1. Omy-goodness, how precious is the mirror/make-up station?! I haven't seen that before! LOVE IT!