Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Rapunzel wig


Calling all princesses!!!  Tonight I finished our Rapunzel hair... it only took forever.  Actually this DIY project all in all did not take too much time to make, I just dragged it out much too long.  I first seen this beauty at theweekendhomemaker.  She has a great tutorial, however I made some adjustments and improvements to the process. 

First was the dreaded cutting of a bazillion 10ft lengths of yarn.  So I decided to run myself dizzy around some chairs.  I lined up two chairs a distance apart.  Taped my yarn to one of them and made a lap around it.  Then I marked it and determined if the length of this piece was the right size.  When I was happy with the measurement, I made a couple hundred more laps.  I must say it was a little nauseating, and I did need a couple breaks, but I was happy with my volume after 1 1/2 looms? bunches? whatever you call it? of yarn.

I tried sewing the hair to a cut off pair on nylons, but it was a mess. This is when I gave up for 6 months and did not look at it until tonight.  Today I happened to notice a handmade crocheted bright yellow stocking cap at a thrift store for 75 cents.  So I purchased and rushed home to get stitching.  First I found the middle of my yarn and stitched the hair down the center of the hat.  Then I took clumps and made large stitches around the clumps down to the back of the hat in rows.  I was amazed that it appeared to be a winding braid on the top of the head.  When I tried this method on the pantyhose you could see the part too well, but with the matching colored hat it blended well.

I am very excited to show Mrs.-3yr-old tomorrow.  My luck it won't fit!  Pictures of the wig in action to follow!

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