Monday, May 6, 2013

baby subway art

My kiddos are growing fast.  I made this up awhile ago but never shared because I was hoping to figure out how to share the template.  Unfortunately I have mad Word skills, but they don't transfer well to other computers.
I made this in Word by creating several text boxes and changing the text direction.  I used a combination of 2 fonts that I thought complimented each other (Mongolian Baiti and Engravers MT). 
This is would make a beautiful gift for someone if you can get all of the details.  If you make a template it takes a minute to customize the details for future babies.
HELPFUL HINT.  If you create a template in Word and want to play with the color, the easiest way to view different color schemes is to go to PAGE LAYOUT and click on THEMES.  There are predetermined color schemes that change your text in one click.

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