Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fire truck Birthday

What an exhausting day, today we officially have a Mr.-2yr-old! 

We celebrated his new age Fire Truck style. The kiddos joined us in the morning at the fire hall to climb all over the big trucks and see a fireman in his gear. The department gave all of the kids plastic fire helmets, pencils, sticker, balloons, and a coloring book.  We greatly appreciate Stacy-Lent Fire Department for this wonderful service.  
 In the afternoon family came over for food and chit-chat.  The Fire Truck theme continued with RED accents throughout our decorations.

Grandpa put together this cardboard box for the kiddos to climb all over.  Even daddy squished into it.  It now will retire in Mr.2yr-old's room until it is torn to bits. 

I had a tough time figuring out what to do for the cake.  I decided to try a tiered cake.  I went with the flow when it came to the decorations and came up a chocolate w/fudge fill and white w/lemon fill masterpiece.  For an amateur this was quite a learning experience. 

 The art wall was a very last minute thing.  Before we were running to the Fire Hall, I was creating quick works of art (no time for the kiddos to participate as usual).  I just couldn't have our Valentine decorations intruding on Mr.-2yr-old's party.

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