Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas art with kiddos

We are getting Christmas Crafty!  Mr.-1 and Ms.-3yr-old have been busy the last couple days.  Our art wall is almost complete.  Here are a few of our masterpieces.
Ornament collage - The kiddos dipped cup rims and bottoms for stamps.  I added an ornament outline with a sharpie.  (looking for source).
This will be a card to a loved one.  Now it is displayed with honor.  folded a card out of cardstock.  With a marker I made the black lines and words.  The kiddos finished the lights with tumbprints.  Beautiful idea from beneaththerowantree.

This is a classic, but it has charming character (especially framed on brown craft paper).  Leftover green paper plates and green and red napkins from our summer birthday were the inspiration.  I hole punched 20 circles around the edge.  Ms.-3yr-old laced red ribbon.  We tore and scrunced up the napkins to glue onto the inner ring.  Mr.-1yr-old loved the gluing.  Yultide!

More to come!

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