Friday, October 19, 2012

fall art wall

The house is decorated.  Miss.-3yr-old has added her touches to the art wall. 
Her acorn was made at preschool.  She was very excited to share her experience in painting an acorn WITH acorns (like marble art). 
The leaf rub is always a favorite.  I let her glue stick the leaves to the back of the paper, then we took our homemade multi color crayon and rubbed the entire paper. 

 The web art was mostly done by mommy.  A thrift store frame was painted purple and black yarn was wrapped around.  I now added a jeweled spider to it.  I tried to make the circular pattern in the web but it just wouldn't look right. 

The kiddos also did a yarn web by arranging green and black yarn dipped in glue on wax paper (sprinkled with glitter dust).  When VERY dry it was removed and put on scrapbook paper.  A jeweled spider now lives in the art. 



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