Sunday, September 23, 2012

kid art kitchen towels

A couple Sunday's ago was Grandparent's day.  We made an easy and inexpensive gift for each of the grandparents, and just a couple days ago this gift for our neighbor's birthday.  At target I picked up a four pack of tea towels for $3.99.  The kiddos drew a picture on a piece of paper.  (Mr.-1yr-old scribbled, and I traced his hand right in the middle of the scribble).  I placed a tea towel on top of their drawing and with a sharpie marker I traced it (the tea towels are thin enough to see the picture "well enough" through it).  I washed it afterwards and it faded a tad bit, but still looked very nice.  We wrapped them up with a few dish cloths and a done!
Thank you to for this great idea!

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