Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scrabble Deco

We like to make handmade gifts to family members and friends for birthdays and holidays.  My brother received this for his past birthday.  Miss.-2yr-old (at the time) was able to help assemble. 
The plaque was inspired when my husband received a pile of scrap wood for us to burn in our wood burner. 
There were several foot-long lengths of molding that resembled a scrabble tile holder.  My mind started spinning and a project was visually created.
Next I googled scrabble letter tiles and found a lot to choose from.  I played around with different tiles until I was able to print the size, look and quality that worked well for me. 
I Mod Podged them onto square cardboard pieces (for future use I am thinking of a wooden material). 
Then hot glued them to the scrap piece.

The coasters are from  I bought a scrabble game at a garage sale for a buck.  This set had 4 coasters, but one full game can maybe make a set of 6 if you choose.  I hot glued them to cardboard.  Felted the back and trimmed the edge with twine.  I tried to hide meaningful words in the coaster, but it was tough with the limitation of letters and 4-letter words.

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