Friday, June 22, 2012

Birthday Ideas

Miss.-3yr-old's Rainbow Party was weeks ago, but today was her official birthday. We had an eventful day of celebrations with just us.

Birthday Surprise #1 balloon filled teepee (yesterday's garage sale find) with decorations to start off the morning.

Birthday Surprise #2 Out of town Great-Grandma and Grandpa calling to read her a copy of Happy Birthday Clifford.

Birthday Surprise #3 off to the farm/zoo/petting farm including PONY RIDES with a friend.

Birthday Surprise #4 pizza outside in the playhouse.

Birthday Surprise #5 gifts and cake.

Birthday Surprise #6 Birthday Balloon Bath! (Much more fun than I anticipated. Especially the way the balloons moved when you poured water on them).  Wacky hairshow too!

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