Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Long distant bedtime stories (great for far away relatives)

I love books.  It is almost unhealthy of how many children's books I have (and that is after I have purged 80% in the past year).  My justification is I buy them for 10-25 cents at garage sales, and I might need them in my next classroom.  Last time I went through them I found many duplications.  In the past I donated one, but now I have a new use for them. 

We have some relatives that we scarcely see.  I try my best to keep them acknowledged so that Miss.-3yr-old and Mr.-1yr-old "know them".  So now I am sending one of the duplicates to family and friends along with a note.  The note explains that if they ever want to read a book to the kiddos, to give us a call.  I keep our duplicate in a special box so it is easy to find when we get these surprise phone calls.  Miss.-3yr-old and Mr.-1yr-old can follow along and answer any questions that are asked.

When the kiddos get older, THEY will be able to read these and other stories to the recipient.

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