Monday, May 28, 2012

counting plates

We were ready for a new busy toy.  So Miss.-2yr-old helped me make counting plates.  We made a red, yellow, green and blue set of 1-5 plates.  We used dot labels and plastic plates.  We put the dots in different orders to show that even though they look different they are the same amount. 

After we created it was time to play.

She is starting to really like numbers, but usually 1,2,3...6 is how she rolls.  I wanted to emphaise the 4.  We scattered them around.  First we found all of the 1 plates.  Then put them back and found the 2's and so on.  She had troubles distinguishing the four and five plates just by glance so we repeatedly had to count (just what I was hoping for).

Next we were going to do one to one correspondance with buttons, but she beat me to it!  She started matching her legos to the dots and counting them. 

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