Monday, April 23, 2012

felt fire

An hour of mediocre sewing landed me this.  It turned out better than I anticipated.  I got the idea from a true felt professional.  Please visit her at
We spent the afternoon building forts, playing with flashlights, and then rebuilding forts.  We sang Kumbaya and I told a "not so scary" story.

The felt fire wasn't too hard, because when it comes to felt you don't have to finish the edges and I like the "crude" stitch look. 

I purchased 6 gray 8x11 craft sheets of felt from michaels (23 cents each), sewed them together (short end to short end). 
Then folded that in half, length-wise to form a 6ft tube. 
Reversed and stuffed with batting. 
I sewed the circle shut Then I took thin black ribbon (50 cents/spool) and tied each rock every 6 inches.

 I purchased 2 dark brown and 1 light brown 8x11 craft sheets of felt from michaels (23 cents each).
Fold the dark brown in half, length-wise and sewed.
cut 4 light brown circles.  Sew to one end of log (remember crude will look okay, this isn't the easiest) 
partially sew on the other end.  Stuff log and finish circle.
I left all of the stiching showing (infact I used white thread so it really shows) and the edges out. 

I purchased 3 gold, 1 red, and 1 yellow 8x11 craft sheets of felt from michaels (23 cents each). 
Use the whole gold to draw a fire pattern.  Cut 2 gold's together.  
Fold red in half.  Draw a fire pattern.  Cut.
Cut yellow in half.  Then fold in half.  Draw a fire pattern. Cut.
Layer one yellow, red and gold.  crudly sew around to attach all of them together (I did not go into each flame).  Do for other side.
Place the flames back to back.  The flames mostlikely will not match up (that's okay).  Sew together, leave bottom open.
Stuff loosely.  Use rice to weigh down.
Cut a rectangle about 4x8 out of gold. Sew to bottom.

I am trying to figue out how to make a simple but small tent, 3x3 ft.  I went to the hardware store, but they don't have the pvc fittings that I want.  Let me know of any suggestion.

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